Rocks, Road, and Ice Cream

Well, so much for no sugar... Last week I developed an unnatural craving for ice cream and had it every day. Damn pregnancy. I can tell you that Haagen Dazs makes a rather yummy strawberry ice cream.
We are back from our week in the Okanagan. I got zero done on the binding for the wallhanging. The roads to get there are just too windy for handwork or reading. It does involve crossing the Rockies afterall. I managed a little bit of knitting, but generally had little motivation. Mostly we sat around and chatted. I read a lot - when the Monster was napping - and tried a few different cinnamon bun recipes. Still need to work out the kinks on the recipe.

We did discover a great bakery/cafe in Peachland. Bliss Bakery makes a fabulous sandwich (on their own bread) and very yummy muffins, tarts and danish. In the end we went there three days in a row. All our visits were capped off with a stroll on the beach to throw rocks into Lake Okanagan.

There were a couple more food adventures thrown in there. We drove down a very twisty road - from spring to winter - to pick up some aged Gouda and Balkan yoghurt at Gort's Gouda in Salmon Arm. The farmer even let us in the barn to see the calves, but the Monster was much more enthralled with the big guys outside. And we also took a run to Summerland Sweets to pick up some pear syrup and their pumpkin bagel butter. Yum.If you ever visit this neck of the woods you will be overwhelmed by vineyards, orchards, and the lake amidst the mountains. We spent our trip overwhelmed by the adventures of Grandpa and the Monster. It's all about the rocking chair.