Grapefruits, key limes, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and maple syrup

Could you live without these things? I, for one, could not. If I were to ascribe to the 100 Mile Diet I would have to forgoe these items. Okay, maybe someone in Alberta has a freakish sugar bush and could get me some maple syrup? Hmm, I doubt that. If I were to get really strict about it then I would also have to give up peaches, plums, grapes, melon, nectarines, wine (not made from fruit), chocolate, and so much more.
Why would anyone do this, you ask?

There is a tremendous amount of energy involved in the production - and the shipping - of food. Bananas don't grow in Canada! Being an inherent environmentalist and having the environment as a career means that I think about these things, and often. Hubby and I also do what we can to buy from local, rather than chain stores, Canadian rather than American suppliers, homemade or scratch rather than processed. These are social, environmental, and just plain taste decisions we make. No, I'm not some granola mom. I wear leather, I drive to work, and our computer is on all the time. But food, that is my thing and you better not mess with my food (or its budget)!

All of these things combined made me very excited when a colleague forwarded me a wonderful file - the 280 Mile diet for Calgary (where I live). Okay, so the author expanded the boundaries, but it means more fruit options than crabapples and saskatoon berries, wine, and even salt. And I could still have a great steak. Email me if you want to see the document, I haven't got posting docs down yet on Blogger.

It wouldn't be impossible to live on the 100 mile diet and eat well in Alberta. I found a great blog of people doing just that in my home town. I'm just not sure I could live without my peaches, olive oil... and oh, chocolate!