Here It Is!

After five and a half years I finally finished this quilt. At least every few months in those five years my husband has asked when I was going to finish the quilt, "he likes". Well, Hubby, Here It Is!

I had the design for this quilt in my head ever since I read the Martha Stewart article about Denyse Schmidt, shortly after I started quilting. Out at the store one night I found the perfect fabric, and it sat for nearly a year. The first winter after we got married we lived in a tiny, tiny house. I wanted to get this quilt done for our tiny bed, in our tiny room. I got the top pieced, my sister-in-law's sister brought the backing fabric from an on-line order from Big Horn for me (back when the Canadian dollar was horrible), and then it sat. We moved, and it sat. I made probably ten quilts in the subsequent five years, and still it sat. Finally, this summer I took advantage of one of Hubby's rare days off. The Monster was off the boob so I rented space at the local shop and got it basted. It was quilted during more than a few naps, and I finished the binding last week.

And Hubby's reaction? Rather anti-climactic. He was just happy to have some extra warmth on a chilly night.