Halloween Apples

No apple recipes today. I am, however, enjoying the Russets I lugged back from Nova Scotia. They don't keep well so they are never sold here. Best eaten out of hand, with their ultra-tart and crisp flavour. To be honest, I've never tried baking with them. They would likely hold their shape well, but I'm not sure they would be around long enough for me to bake them. So, the Monster and I shared one this afternoon before all the trick or treaters arrived. Better than eating the chocolate.

Here is my Monster, in her lion costume made my moi (even though we know I hate sewing clothes). Nothing fancy. Just some decorator trim basted to an American Apparel hoodie, a tail pinned to some brown pants, and fake fur ears tacked on the hood. But damn, she looks cute. The cutest was when she would actually do her own baby "Roar".

Trick or treat!