Just One Slab - 2 Years Later

It is the anniversary of the big Alberta Flood. Two years ago the rains came and washed the water from the mountains and it all came downstream, both thundering and seeping. It cleared away and stole people's histories and homes. Quilters around the world rallied and delivered quilts and blocks to provide some comfort to those flooded.

The Just One Slab campaign was launched to allow people to contribute a single block, or more, to relieve efforts. I worked with local volunteers to get the 2300!!! slabs into quilts. Donations came in for batting, backing, and binding. People helped organize and finish quilts. It was incredible. I thought I would get maybe 200 blocks, but I did not expect this response!

The first round of finished quilts went with the Quilts for Calgary door to door donation. Quite a few went out directly from quilters who finished the quilts to neighbours and friends directly affected. More were donated through Quilts for High River. For a few months last fall I sat with over 30 quilts in my dry basement waiting. They were destined for a seniors home in High River, but we were waiting for the facility to reopen. When it did I hand delivered those quilts. Now I have a handful left to deliver, likely, to some long term care residents who never received a quilt and spent much time in distress two years ago. There are also some blocks left and those are going to be sent down to Flood Texas With Love.

On this anniversary I realized I never did share the last round of photos from that donation in the fall. My plan was always to photograph each and every quilt. Some got away from me as quilters finished and donated on their own, so if you missed your block, rest assured that it got used.